2019 Season Schedule

May 22 - September 22

*Prior to May 22nd by request

Every Monday - Whitehorse to Haines, AK  

Whitehorse     ->     Haines Junction   ->    Haines, AK

 10:00am                 12:00pm                      2:00pm

Every Sunday - Haines, AK to Whitehorse 

Haines, AK    ->     Haines Junction    ->    Whitehorse      

10:00am               2:00pm                         4:00pm

NEW! Every Wednesday - Round Trip Haines, AK to Haines Junction  

Haines, AK    ->     Haines Junction    |    Haines Junction    ->    Haines, AK

9:30am                2:00pm                         4:00pm 6:30pm


All times local - Drop-off / Pickup Locations: 

Haines, AK (Visitor Center), Haines Junction (Village Bakery, Da Ku Cultural Center), Whitehorse (Visitor Center, Erik Nielsen Airport)

Payment Options

All prices are quoted in US Dollars, but the equivalent value can be paid in Canadian Dollars or Euros. Hinterland Express also accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Payment is to be made prior to departure.  

Payment Forms Accepted.png

Border Crossing 

All passengers are required to have a valid passport and, if applicable, required visas to cross the U.S.-Canadian border. Passengers without required documentation will not be transported. 

About Hinterland Express

In order to fill the need for public transport between Haines, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Hinterland Express was created. Hinterland Express operates a Mercedes Sprinter 10-passenger van to provide the most comfortable and safe transit between Alaska and the Yukon. The founder David Simmons, a well-traveled individual himself, based the concept of Hinterland Express off of the cross-border transit route he frequently took between St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki, Finland—also in Mercedes Sprinter vans. The name Hinterland derives from the German word for "back country". It doesn't get much more back country than the Haines Highway and the views here are some of the best in the world. Hinterland Express looks forward to meeting you, getting you to your destination and sharing one of the world's most picturesque drives together. Gute Fahrt und wir sehen uns bald!


+1 (907) 314-2080



PO Box 767

Haines, Alaska, 99827

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